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For all the stuff that people put on the other Macy's wiki. I'm sick and tired of seeing these fake balloons and floats, and just wrong information too. I tried to put in stuff I believe came from that year or time period. But I am a proud Macy's Parade fan for years who knows better. Also if you gonna change something please tell me proof or any footage you seen this balloon from (insert year here).

But besides my little rant I hope we truth fans who knows more about the parade could come together and get rid of the fake balloons for good. ^-^

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I'm planning to do balloons and floats that people from the other wiki failed to mention and just make fake pictures of certian floats and pasted them on another picture. This is my time since Thanksgiving is on it's way, I wanted to redo the 1990s balloons and give it what it really deserve. 

To the Macy's Parade fans, lets bring knowledge back and logic to what we lost. :3

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