Bart Simpson 1990

A photo of Bart Simpson from 1990

Bart Simpson made his debut in 1990 due to the Simpsons being a smash hit, it was presented by FOX as he been know to be one of the tallest and largest balloons in parade history.
Bart Simpson 1993

Bart Simpson's shirt was torn in the 1993 parade, which also features the Wiggleworm Balloon flying right behind him.

In 1993 the shirt of the balloon was cut by either a lamp post or a couple of tree's but no one was injured. They repaired him for the 1994 parade, he pretty much made it through ok.
Bart Simpson 1995

Flying high along with the FujiFilm's blimp and float in the 1995 parade.

After 1995 he was retired, but after the new rules after 1997 stated that any balloon over 78 feet in length, 40 feet in width or 70 feet in height wouldn't be in future Macy's Parades, sadly this was the faith for Bart Simpson to be store away in the Parade studio for many years to come.

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